About Us 

The group was started by a handful of  ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia sufferers who met by chance, while doing an activity management course at the local ME Clinic in Keswick.  At the group meetings, it was noted how much better we all felt at being able to talk to other sufferers who knew exactly what we were going through. At the end of the activity management course, we decided we didn't want to lose touch, and would form a support group.

We have each built up experiences of suffering from ME/CFS/ & Fibromyalgia, sadly most of us battling away on our own. We find sharing our experiences, helps us, and each other, to try to fathom out  this complicated set of interlinked health problems, which nobody really understands.  At the very least we have all lost the feeling that we are alone, and as a group can help each other move forward and deal with our problems one day at a time.

Picture on home page by kind permission of group member Karen Little.











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